A Message From The Executive Director

It is a privilege to join the Cabbagetown Youth Centre as the new Executive Director. Growing up in Regent Park, I know firsthand the tremendous impact and value community centres and community-based programming have on both enriching and providing opportunities to our children and youth.

Throughout my 30-year career as Manager of Parks and Recreation for the City of Toronto, I was always engaged and aware of the great history of CYC. I was inspired by its diversity and CYC’s ability to provide recreation, skill development, social cohesion and education to children, youth and people of all ages, barrier free. It continues to be a focal point of the Cabbagetown, St. James Town and Regent Park neighbourhoods and provides opportunities, especially for those who may need them the most, throughout the entire city.

It is my personal goal to keep the organization strong, expand funds, achieve results and continue to build on CYC’s rich history of both being a trusted community resource and establishing relationships and partnerships with its many agencies, partners and stakeholders.

An important step in achieving our goals is through a strategic plan. This is relavent to ensure we remain current and engaged. We are on the path to ensuring that CYC remains a strong and vibrant organization and continues to serve as a fixture and trusted resource for years to come.

I hope you will share this sense of excitement with us. I look forward in launching a series of community meetings and consultations so that your feedback can continue to shape the centre by contributing to our decision-making processes and future direction.

We look forward to seeing you, your children and families in our Winter and March Break Program and throughout the year.



Lucy Troisi